1. Being American…A Woman and a BLACK-American in Amsterdam!

    Not until 2013 had I ever thought of Amsterdam. No really!  Not even one time. I had my heart and mind set on moving to London, England one day solely for the purpose of hearing that proper British accent in my ears on a daily basis. In 2013 – I […]

  2. Freedom, Fringe and Referendum in Edinburgh Scotland

    Freedom, Fringe and Referendum in Edinburgh Scotland

    Edinburgh, Scotland is a fairy tale of a city. From the castles, palaces and buildings older than America herself, to its many cafes, coffee shops and restaurants, one would want for nothing in Edinburgh; except for a little more sunshine and more often. I would say a beach; however, Edinburgh […]

    Momma Was A Bad Mutha...Shut Yo Mouth! Starring Fee King 2014

    June 19 – 22, 2014. Actors’ Gang Theater 9070 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, CA. 90232

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    • Sammie pic-3

      Director, Sammie Wayne, IV

      Sammie Wayne, IV is an award winning Actor and Lighting Designer. He is also a Stage Manager and Director. Since 2010, he has garnered five NAACP Theatre Awards, two for acting and three for lighting design. In 2009, he received Best Supporting Actor for “One Woman Two Lives”, directed by […]
    • Valerie pic-2

      Producer, Valerie Udeozor

      Born in Los Angeles, Valerie Alleyne Udeozor studied theater at Howard University’s school of Fine Arts. She has penned and produced several stage plays that have been featured in various theaters in Los Angeles. Valerie’s latest stage play: “Deleted” deals with four urban teens caught up in a vicious cyber […]
    • robert

      Executive Producer, Rob Lewis

      For many years, Rob has been a successful event promoter helping to bring some of the most exciting, vibrant social events to the greater Los Angeles area. Through his entertainment group (Nexus 43 Entertainment), Rob brought together some of L.A.’s most progressive “movers and shakers.” His entertainment background also includes […]

    Momma Was A Bad Mutha...Shut Yo Mouth!